clinker boat under construction, dragon with new cedar deck, solid cherry unit, large solid cherry

clinker boat under construction, dragon with new cedar deck, solid cherry unit, large solid cherry
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New deck for Flying Fish

After many weeks of sorting out the fitting out, I have finally come to the icing on the cake - a beautiful swept deck. Since the boat is not 100% symmetrical ( very few old wooden boats are) , the fitting and shaping of the coamings is crucial in the overall layout of the deck. The timber used is Sipo Mahogany. This is particularly suitable for the Mediteranean climate - Iroko, for example, would split and warp under those conditions.
I like to rebate the decking rather than a "V" - it gives me more control over the width of the gap. When the deck is sanded, a "V" gets smaller and smaller, giving rise to the need to correct seams before sealing. The rebate remains constant with sanding. It also seems to be easier to fill it with sikaflex.
Sipo Mahogany coamings ready to fix
Sipo Mahogany machined for decking.

The coamings are scarphed using recorcinol glue before fixing onto the deckbeams

Monday, February 6, 2017

Restoration of Saucy Sue

Here some pictures of one of the projects we have been busy with for the last few months.
Saucy Sue is a very old boat ( probably about 100 years old) from Kenmare, where she was originally used as a small ferry. At some stage, an inboard engine was installed, which wasn't quite supported by her original build. She is 22ft long, Larch planking on oak. The gardboards appear to be made of real teak.She was stored in a shed in Kenmare for several decades

10 sections of planking had to be replaced, as well as all the steamed frames.
We fitted new stringers and gunwhales in oak. The lower section of the stem was also replaced.
Floorstraps were fitted, bolted to the keel, 16" apart.
Saucy Sue - propped up at the beginning of the restoration

Steamed frames

Gunwhales and stringers were strung

Saucy Sue tilted to one side to facilitate working on the keel as well as the fitting out

Saucy Sue - fitting the forward deck beams