clinker boat under construction, dragon with new cedar deck, solid cherry unit, large solid cherry

clinker boat under construction, dragon with new cedar deck, solid cherry unit, large solid cherry
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Restoration Workshops on Happy Return

We are currently preparing a series of weekend workshops giving participants the rare opportunity to learn the details of professional classic boat restoration. The first of these workshops, which will take place on the 24th - 26th of January, will cover the following skills:
Fitting sheer planks
Making and fitting deck beams and knees
Planning and laying out a swept deck.

9am - 4pm, 1 hour lunch break
Cost: €300

All tools and and materials provided.

Please visit our workshop blog for more details:
Or contact us:   tel: 0868243073

Monday, September 16, 2013

Tideway Dinghy Saoirse returns to our workshop

Saoirse, on the day she was launched in 2000,
 with Dermot O'Brien who comissioned her
 and our son Fionn, 6 months old.
After a very busy summer of sailing the Ettes all over West Cork and with the first autumn storms blowing in, the workshop is a cosy place to be. Saoirse, the first boat we ever built together in the year 2000, has returned to us for some alterations. She is nearly 14 years old, and still as good as new!
An extension is being scarfed into the mast
in order to extend it to give more head-room to
skipper and crew.

Saoirse is in fact named after the sister ship of the AK Ilen.
She was comissioned by Dermot O'Brien, the grandson of Conor Cruise O'Brien, who was the naval architect of both Saoirse and the AK Ilen. Upon selling the archives of his grandfather's work, he decided to use the money to get a little ship built for his own grandchildren....

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Castletownshend Ette looking for a new owner

 Muckette was built by us in 2007, to the specifications of the original Castletownshend Ette class: 16' long, 5'10" beam, 9" draught, 4' with centreboard.
Only materials of very high standard were used during her construction:
Mahogany planking on oak ribs,
Laminated oak keel
Solid 12mm stainless steel hinging centreplate with silicon bronze winch.
Fastenings: copper nails and silicon bronze screws.

Price: €18,000 ( contact us at , or 0868243073)

Muckette has won numerous regattas in her class, including Glandore Classic regatta and at the Baltimore Wooden boat festival.

As are all the Castletownshend Ettes, she is a very seaworthy boat, most suitable for exploring the islands and coastline of West Cork.
The Ette class is alive and active, offering numerous opportunities to compete within the fleet throughout the sailing season.

Muckette during her construction in 2007
Muckette racing at Glandore Classic 2011

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Sole Boards for Jane Paul

 It is quite challenging to fit soleboards on a yacht that's not even at your yard! A lot of time was spent making templates on the boat to minimize the travelling between our workshop and the boat, which is 6 miles away!
The panels are all removable allowing for easy inspection and maintenance. They are held in place by flush-fitting brass turnbuttons ( obtained from  - a fantastic online shop for traditional boat hardware).
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Monday, February 18, 2013

An Dalta: Our student project close to launching

A little over a year ago, we began a series of Boatbuilding workshops which led our students through the whole process of building a traditional clinker boat: from lofting to launching. The product of these intense and enjoyable workshops is "An Dalta", the replica of a hundred year old west cork fishing boat, which formed the starting point of this teaching project.

 An Dalta is now for sale. For more information contact us :
or 0868243073

Friday, January 11, 2013

Howth17 with Bread&Butter

 Here are some pictures of the "Bread & Butter" process used to create a half-hull model of the Howth 17.
Using a bit of modern technology, paper templates of all the waterlines were created from the original lines drawing.

 The "bread", in this case cedar, is thicknessed to the distance between the waterlines on the profile plan.
While marking the waterlines onto the timber, a few station lines are also transferred, allowing alignement while glueing up.

The "Butter" is, of course the glue. Extra care has to be taken to make sure the pieces are perfectly aligned and all down flat against the sash-clamps.

Drilling before glueing and then inserting one or two dowels can be helpful, but one must bear in mind that  quite a lot  of shaping will take place, so placement of the dowels has to be carefully considered.

 Here you can see the glued up model. Now comes the fun bit of shaping it!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolutions for 2013

Happy Return before she came to our workshop
 Replacing clinker planking
Building a shelter
This year will definitely see Happy Return almost finished. Building on the success of our last year's workshop series, we are designing a number of  exciting, skillbuilding workshops around the refurbishment of this 1961 Stella One Design. If you are interested in the direct, hands-on learning of classic yacht building, fitting out and refurbishement, we will tailor-make a course around your needs. contact us:

Click on any of the photos to view them as a slideshow and follow the progress so far.
Planking almost complete
Steaming ribs
Clinker planking
Steaming rib

Steaming ribs
Resealing the ballast keel with new keel bolts