clinker boat under construction, dragon with new cedar deck, solid cherry unit, large solid cherry

clinker boat under construction, dragon with new cedar deck, solid cherry unit, large solid cherry
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Friday, November 21, 2014

Cockpit and cabin sides taking shape...

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If you happen to pass through our west cork neighbourhood these days, make sure you call in to see the daily progress on our Stella One Design, Happy Return. Every step is accompanied by lots of decision making and design considerations. For every big step, countless tiny steps have to be made: like fitting a new gland for the propeller before finally lowering the engine into the boat, deciding where the toilet is going to go before finally finishing the deck, deciding how the cabin roof is going to look before shaping the side cabins and cutting windows into them.
Carefully cutting the port sidecabin to fit into the deck.
The timber used is Sipo Mahogany, part of an amazing
tree we bought nearly eight years ago.
This is also the timber used for the deck

Before lowering the engine into place with a pulley system fixed to the rafters,
the cockpit had to be prepared as well as everything that goes with having an engine:
exhaust, sea cocks, propeller shaft and gland, engine bedding.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Swept Deck on Stella One Design

Rui is now determined to finish Happy Return - perhaps ( yes,yes,yes) in time for Glandore Classic 2015. Fionn is helping him most afternoons after school, with plenty of discerning questions and discussions.
The layout of the deck worked out well - only the transom required a little "cheating".

Fionn and Rui discussing how to position the toilet and beds in the bow of Happy Return

A little working out required at the transom

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Returning to Happy Return

It's been such a busy summer, that it was difficult to even think about those longterm projects waiting in the yard. But now the quiet autumn days have set in, it is definitely time to focus once again on the return of Happy Return.In our last teaching workshop here, the deck structure was prepared, including hanging knees and deck beams. We have now got out all the timber for the decking: some beautiful mahogany stored away for many years. We machined it to 45mm x 17mm thickness. The previous decking was 12mm marine ply, but this mahogany comes in at a lower density than the ply - so we can afford to go that little bit thicker, giving more structural strength. Caulking seams were machined on at 2.5mm each side.
Coamings being fitted on Happy Return

Preparing the king plank requires careful planning - the whole deck has to planned out before the joggles can be cut into it correctly. There is very little room for play when fitting the deck planks afterwards: every little mistake and asymmetry is easily noticed...
Notice how the padding for the windlass has been built into the king plank - this detail will look amazing when the deck is finished!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Boatbuilding Workshops scheduled for Autumn 2014

With the weather getting better, and the days longer, the boating season is fast approaching and things are getting very busy here in our workshop in Dereenalomane, so, our programme of courses will resume in Autumn.

Visit our workshop blog for more information on our upcoming courses.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Boatbuilding on a wintery, stormy January weekend

It was a great pleasure to welcome the four enthusiastic participants of our boatbuilding/restoration workshop last weekend. Once again, it proved to be an intense and satisfying experience enjoyed by all, with great progress visible on Happy Return. Next big task: a beautiful swept deck!
Preparing for the fitting of deck beams

Graham Bailey showing Rob the art of chiselling housings

A well deserved lunchbreak!

Pádraig sculpturing a hanging knee

The weekend team! Rui, Isaac, Paul, Rob, Pádraig and Graham happy with the jobs done....